Orioles Bullpen

The Baltimore Orioles Need To Be Able To Call On Their Bullpen To Hold On To Leads

Nick Markakis is a proven choice when trying to find players that will help the Baltimore Orioles stay competitive with the Boston Red Sox in the AL East. Manny Machado is also out there helping the team be able to turn a larger percentage of double plays this season.  Get your Baltimore Orioles tickets to see if Machado is the kind of sure handed infielder that will truly make a difference in the long run. The Orioles have been squaring off against the Houston Astros in recent days. The Astros still have a long way to go as a team despite the improvements made by a player like Chris Carter. The Orioles are likely to be okay because of a solid veteran shortstop like J.J. Hardy. As you continue to evaluate the Baltimore Orioles, you will begin to realize that the team will remain competitive in the AL East. The Baltimore Orioles finally have a steady hand in their front office and are well prepared to compete in this league.


Can the bullpen hold up on the back end? They should be able to go with a strong arm like Tommy Hunter at the closer spot. Adam Jones is struggling with the power numbers, but the bullpen should be able to hold up despite the fact that Jones likely won’t end up with the same final power numbers that he was hoping for. Can Buck Showalter find the right combinations out the pen and does he have the right left handed specialist to get a key pinch hitting left hander out in the late innings? The Orioles seem to have found the right combinations before, with Showalter as the manager. They would want to continue this association for a long period of time.

The injury bug appears to have an impact on the rosters of the Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays. Players like Delmon Young and Ryan Flaherty should be able to feast on the inexperienced pitchers that these injuries have forced their division rivals to bring up. Young, in particular, needs to return to his past form if the Orioles want to have some of the necessary pop in their lineup to keep the New York Yankees within striking distance. Looks like they’ve got a plan. We shall see if they are able to execute it with perfection.

Nirvana Would Be Proud!

Concerts In Seattle: One Way System, The Black Keys

The Crocodile, The Showbox at The Market, The Highline; these are just some of Seattle’s favorite and most trendy live music venues please find discount concert tickets to all of these special event places. A few minutes here and one can already tell that this is definitely a city big on music and in-love with live music and performances. Everyone knows that grunge, or the Seattle sound as it’s so affectionately known, has its roots deep seated in the stages of this music made city. These are the very same stages that introduced Nirvana to the world. The city leaves, breathes and eats music 24/7.

Here is a list of bands that will be gracing Seattle concerts in the next few months.

One Way System
-One Way System will be out at El Corazon on the 13th of May. The steer punk band from Lancashire in England will be out performing new music from their 2013 album “Car Bombs In Babylon”. Also, as is always the case with most music acts that have been in the industry since the 70s, One Way System are expected to treat fans to some of their most classic works. Songs like “Beat The System” and “Cum On Feel The Noize” will be sure to get crowds going. Get ready for some serious nostalgia as One Way System will take you back to the 70s.

The Black Keys
-Recently, The Black Keys have also announced that they will be making a stop in Seattle on their tour that kicked off in Columbus on the 9th of May. Much needed stop-over, we say. The Seattle concert is scheduled for the 1st of November at Key Arena. The rock duo are currently one of the hottest acts in America and all over the world. After their quadruple Grammy Awards success in 2013, The Black Keys concert at the Key Arena is expected to sell out way before we even get to November. The Grammy stamp of approval has skyrocketed their career and this is just the beginning of the massive success that is to follow. Fans who don’t want to miss out on The Black Keys in Seattle must get their hands on these tickets as soon as possible. The repertoire on the current tour is mostly made up of music from their just released album “Turn Blue”. They are expected to bring in a lot of zeal and energy in their performances.


Washington Redskins looking to conquer the League

Get your Washington Redskins tickets asap because everyone is looking towards the future when they go into the 2014 draft starting Friday and its looking good. The Redskins signed Tanard Jackson to a cheaper contract after he was released from his contract because he was caught by the league violating the substance abuse policy. He missed two seasons because of that but it did not take long before the Redskins brought him back because they are fully aware he is a good player and they want him to be a big part of their future. They have decided to overlook and forgive him for his past wrongdoings and are more than willing to bet on him this time round.
The Washington Redskins view Jackson as an immediate contributor since he is at age 28 which means he is at his prime. They hope he won’t get suspended again because he has only played in 10 games since the 2010 season. The Redskins are known to be a team that has held on to its draft picks for quite some time. However, it has not really resulted in multiple championships unlike other teams that did the same. But this doesn’t stop them from trying and testing repeatedly and this aggressiveness is what sets them apart from their counterparts.

The Redskins are looking to have a great start this season when they face the Houston Texans on September 7. It is going to be a long season as they have a tough early schedule and they will probably have a hard time with that. You can’t blame their coach as they will flat out lose to the better team in these early games. No matter what strategy or plan the coach tries to deploy, it will be very difficult for them to challenge the might of their opposition.

They will not win at all against the Texans as this one is not going to be much of a contest no matter who the Redskins decide to draft. Up next, they compete against the Jacksonville Jaguars, which is a team that is tougher than the Texans but the Redskins will learn from their mistakes in the past game but they won’t win against the Jaguars as well. They will lose again but this game is going to be close from start to finish. It will be a battle to watch out for as the Redskins will have learned their lesson.

World Series Puts on A Show

Ranger against Giants in Classic Matchup, 2014 World Series Preview

In the 2014 World Series, two among the esteemed main league baseball teams in history, will be meeting. These teams have emerged as the champions in the many previous leagues. It will be a match up for the champions. Get your cheap MLB tickets today and cheer on your team!

Texas Rangers at one time ended up tied with a 90-67 mark for the best record with the Giants. This kind of result was expected for the Rangers. The Rangers won Game 6 where on several occasions they were faced by pitches in the finals and could still manage to deliver. Most of them were close calls and they should consider themselves lucky to have converted most of them into victories.

The Giants have an amusing history of rising from scratch. In their 2005 ALCS verses the Rangers, they defeated them with a shortfall of 4-0 to surpass their rivals in 4 games. Their next mission was to face Matt Holliday in the World Series. They managed to win their second title after quite a long time. While both Giants and Rangers have had several years of tremendous wins, they have both, of late, been facing challenges since the fast day from their division. Something seems to be amiss in their camp and they ought to regroup themselves if they fancy themselves to have a serious chance of winning this season.

It becomes very hard for an ordinary writer to predict the winning team in this series. This year could be the most enjoyable series. The main thing I feel I can accurately call is that if it comes down to these two teams, it will be a very evenly matched World Series. These teams are very alike. The Rangers and Giants are fully loaded with players that can put away home runs. Both teams are well equipped and have the capability of overshadowing the lineups. On the side of fans, the two teams have bases with an ability of carrying their teams to unexampled heights. If it comes down to the Rangers and the Giants, the World Series could really go either way. Maybe the only difference that can be traced in these teams is that the Texas Rangers may win it all because they have an advantage of playing in home-field.

Nevertheless, the battle continues to be exciting with many teams having a chance to emerge victorious. You don’t want to be missing the action that’s to follow!


Which Country will lift the 2014 Brazil World Cup?

From Thursday June 12th, 2014 to Sunday July 13th, 2014, Brazil will host the world’s largest soccer championship: the World Cup. The 2014 World Cup is seen as the most well balanced World Cup championship where even countries such as Belgium, previously seen as outsiders, have a chance of winning the championship. This event lacks a clear favorite unlike other previous editions, which amplifies the excitement and expectations of fans globally. However, this does not mean it lacks talent as it is set to host the four time Ballon D’or winner Messi, two times winner and arguably the best player of the moment, Christiano Ronaldo, against other exciting players such as Hazard, Rooney, Neymar and Ozil among others. The whole world is looking forward to this year’s World Cup as the greatest of greats clash against each other. Get your tickets at http://superstartickets.com

There are several opening group stage matches that stand out among the rest. The opening match between Brazil and Croatia is expected to end with Brazil as the winner but fans will use the game to gauge the chances of Brazil of winning the trophy on home soil. The other exciting matches on group stages include Group B’s match between Spain and Netherlands, Group D’s Match between England and Italy and Group G’s Germany and Portugal. Other matches worth looking forward to include Uruguay verses England, the exciting Boateng brothers’ duo on Germany Vs Ghana match, Italy verses Uruguay and Portugal verses Ghana. This series will have dozens of marquee matches to boast of.

Despite lacking clear favorites, there are certain countries with a better chance of winning the World Cup than others. Brazil, being the host and with the prowess of Neymar is a favorite to lift the coveted trophy this time. Argentina is one of the most complete teams with talent on every department from defense to midfield and to attack. Argentina will be expected to win the title thanks to the prowess of Messi, Aguero, Mascherano, and Angel Di Maria among others. The current holder of the World Cup Spain is also a favorite thanks to the prowess of Diego Costa, Mata, Silva, Xavi and Iniesta among other players. Other favorites include Christiano Ronaldos’ Portugal, Netherlands and the under rated Belgium.

Looks like Spain, Argentina, Brazil and Portugal have a strong chance of winning this year leaving the European teams like England, Germany and Italy at the backburner this time. But you never know, it could be one of the dark horses that may surprise us all!

Stadium Reminiscing

Things to Know about Dodger Stadium, the Home of the Los Angeles Dodgers

Like many other baseball teams, the Los Angeles Dodgers pride themselves on their home stadium. Dodger Stadium was founded in 1962 as a fulfillment of Walter’s prescience in 1957 and used to provide cheap Dodgers tickets but with the player skill set on the team they are now raising prices drastically. The design and construction of the stadium was done by O’Malley, Emil Praeger and Edward Fickett. The idea of constructing the stadium with 21 terraced entrances and a parking area large enough to accommodate 16,000 cars came with Praeger while the idea of finishing the stadium with amazing colors and styles came with Fickett. It indeed is a wonderful blend of structure, space and creativity. Dodger Stadium is one of the largest baseball stadiums in the United States, which is fortunate because the Dodgers’ fan base is huge!

Since the initial designing, the stadium has been fitted with new upgrades such as installation of new scoreboards and field level improvement. Ever since the stadium was launched, it has hosted a variety of activities, among them being games, concerts and spiritual activities one of which was the mass led by Pope John Paul II. Some of the biggest concerts to be held here include The Beatles and Michael Jackson. Statistics show that the stadium has hosted millions of fans since it was founded something that makes it one of the most active stadiums in the world. It has played host to numerous memorable world-class performances and sporting events of all time.

The stadium has 2,098 club seats and 68 luxury seating areas. Since the stadium was renovated in 2012 and 2013, its actual size was reduced and it can now only host about 56,000 fans at a time. Due to its ability to accommodate a very large number of fans, the stadium has built a very good reputation over the years. It is one of the most favorite stadiums of many baseball fans, despite being much older than many other stadiums.

The known size of this stadium is 101 meters on the left field, 110 meters on the left medium center, 114 meters in the true left center, 122 meters in the center field, 110 meters in the right center medium, 101 meters in the right field and 17 meters in the Backstop. The field is also designed with 120 meter markings in the right and left side of the dead center. In addition, it has a center field distance of 122 meters.

Summer Camp Soon

Pittsburgh Steelers Gearing Up for Successful Season

The Pittsburgh Steelers have won the Super Bowl six times, twice in the last decade, and have trounced everyone in their division a total of 20 times, so it’s no surprise that their throngs of adoring fans are expecting yet another amazing season so get your cheap Steelers tickets asap. While there are dozens of reasons for optimism that could easily fill a novel-length volume, the two largest factors remain the franchise’s track record and seasoned players who are not yet ‘over the hill.’ They continue to be the star players of not just their team but also of the entire league.

When the NFL and the AFL merged in 1970, the modern era of football was born. Since that time, the Steelers have amassed the most impressive records in the league. They have set records for being victorious in the most regular-season games, have been crowned with the most division titles, and have appeared in the most division games. They are tied with the Dallas Cowboys for the most Super Bowl appearances at eight each. The team’s six wins is also the best in the sport. There is no denying that the Steelers have benefited from a long period of wise and careful management by the Rooney family, who has owned the team since 1933, as well as the steady hand of head coach Mike Tomlin. Tomlin is contracted to lead the team until 2016, at minimum. This will prove to work in their favor as him being retained in the squad will boost the team morale and help them clinch more wins in the matches to follow.

The Pittsburgh Steelers also enjoy an excellent roster. Quarterback, Ben Roethelisberger, is only 32 years old and has not recently suffered any major injuries or troubles with the law as he has in the past. Ben is considered among the best quarterbacks in the sport by many, easily on par with the likes of Manning, Brees, and Brady. For him to be compared with the likes of Manning is a huge compliment and at the same time an expectation of performance.

Safety Troy Polamalu, 33, is not only outstanding at his position, but is a leader for his team-mates on and off the field. Together, these two seasoned players can help the younger and more inexperienced men more effective and cohesive as a team. Their wisdom and guidance will help this team reach new heights.