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Pittsburgh Steelers Gearing Up for Successful Season

The Pittsburgh Steelers have won the Super Bowl six times, twice in the last decade, and have trounced everyone in their division a total of 20 times, so it’s no surprise that their throngs of adoring fans are expecting yet another amazing season so get your cheap Steelers tickets asap. While there are dozens of reasons for optimism that could easily fill a novel-length volume, the two largest factors remain the franchise’s track record and seasoned players who are not yet ‘over the hill.’ They continue to be the star players of not just their team but also of the entire league.

When the NFL and the AFL merged in 1970, the modern era of football was born. Since that time, the Steelers have amassed the most impressive records in the league. They have set records for being victorious in the most regular-season games, have been crowned with the most division titles, and have appeared in the most division games. They are tied with the Dallas Cowboys for the most Super Bowl appearances at eight each. The team’s six wins is also the best in the sport. There is no denying that the Steelers have benefited from a long period of wise and careful management by the Rooney family, who has owned the team since 1933, as well as the steady hand of head coach Mike Tomlin. Tomlin is contracted to lead the team until 2016, at minimum. This will prove to work in their favor as him being retained in the squad will boost the team morale and help them clinch more wins in the matches to follow.

The Pittsburgh Steelers also enjoy an excellent roster. Quarterback, Ben Roethelisberger, is only 32 years old and has not recently suffered any major injuries or troubles with the law as he has in the past. Ben is considered among the best quarterbacks in the sport by many, easily on par with the likes of Manning, Brees, and Brady. For him to be compared with the likes of Manning is a huge compliment and at the same time an expectation of performance.

Safety Troy Polamalu, 33, is not only outstanding at his position, but is a leader for his team-mates on and off the field. Together, these two seasoned players can help the younger and more inexperienced men more effective and cohesive as a team. Their wisdom and guidance will help this team reach new heights.