Which Country will lift the 2014 Brazil World Cup?

From Thursday June 12th, 2014 to Sunday July 13th, 2014, Brazil will host the world’s largest soccer championship: the World Cup. The 2014 World Cup is seen as the most well balanced World Cup championship where even countries such as Belgium, previously seen as outsiders, have a chance of winning the championship. This event lacks a clear favorite unlike other previous editions, which amplifies the excitement and expectations of fans globally. However, this does not mean it lacks talent as it is set to host the four time Ballon D’or winner Messi, two times winner and arguably the best player of the moment, Christiano Ronaldo, against other exciting players such as Hazard, Rooney, Neymar and Ozil among others. The whole world is looking forward to this year’s World Cup as the greatest of greats clash against each other. Get your tickets at

There are several opening group stage matches that stand out among the rest. The opening match between Brazil and Croatia is expected to end with Brazil as the winner but fans will use the game to gauge the chances of Brazil of winning the trophy on home soil. The other exciting matches on group stages include Group B’s match between Spain and Netherlands, Group D’s Match between England and Italy and Group G’s Germany and Portugal. Other matches worth looking forward to include Uruguay verses England, the exciting Boateng brothers’ duo on Germany Vs Ghana match, Italy verses Uruguay and Portugal verses Ghana. This series will have dozens of marquee matches to boast of.

Despite lacking clear favorites, there are certain countries with a better chance of winning the World Cup than others. Brazil, being the host and with the prowess of Neymar is a favorite to lift the coveted trophy this time. Argentina is one of the most complete teams with talent on every department from defense to midfield and to attack. Argentina will be expected to win the title thanks to the prowess of Messi, Aguero, Mascherano, and Angel Di Maria among others. The current holder of the World Cup Spain is also a favorite thanks to the prowess of Diego Costa, Mata, Silva, Xavi and Iniesta among other players. Other favorites include Christiano Ronaldos’ Portugal, Netherlands and the under rated Belgium.

Looks like Spain, Argentina, Brazil and Portugal have a strong chance of winning this year leaving the European teams like England, Germany and Italy at the backburner this time. But you never know, it could be one of the dark horses that may surprise us all!