Washington Redskins looking to conquer the League

Get your Washington Redskins tickets asap because everyone is looking towards the future when they go into the 2014 draft starting Friday and its looking good. The Redskins signed Tanard Jackson to a cheaper contract after he was released from his contract because he was caught by the league violating the substance abuse policy. He missed two seasons because of that but it did not take long before the Redskins brought him back because they are fully aware he is a good player and they want him to be a big part of their future. They have decided to overlook and forgive him for his past wrongdoings and are more than willing to bet on him this time round.
The Washington Redskins view Jackson as an immediate contributor since he is at age 28 which means he is at his prime. They hope he won’t get suspended again because he has only played in 10 games since the 2010 season. The Redskins are known to be a team that has held on to its draft picks for quite some time. However, it has not really resulted in multiple championships unlike other teams that did the same. But this doesn’t stop them from trying and testing repeatedly and this aggressiveness is what sets them apart from their counterparts.

The Redskins are looking to have a great start this season when they face the Houston Texans on September 7. It is going to be a long season as they have a tough early schedule and they will probably have a hard time with that. You can’t blame their coach as they will flat out lose to the better team in these early games. No matter what strategy or plan the coach tries to deploy, it will be very difficult for them to challenge the might of their opposition.

They will not win at all against the Texans as this one is not going to be much of a contest no matter who the Redskins decide to draft. Up next, they compete against the Jacksonville Jaguars, which is a team that is tougher than the Texans but the Redskins will learn from their mistakes in the past game but they won’t win against the Jaguars as well. They will lose again but this game is going to be close from start to finish. It will be a battle to watch out for as the Redskins will have learned their lesson.