Stadium Reminiscing

Things to Know about Dodger Stadium, the Home of the Los Angeles Dodgers

Like many other baseball teams, the Los Angeles Dodgers pride themselves on their home stadium. Dodger Stadium was founded in 1962 as a fulfillment of Walter’s prescience in 1957 and used to provide cheap Dodgers tickets but with the player skill set on the team they are now raising prices drastically. The design and construction of the stadium was done by O’Malley, Emil Praeger and Edward Fickett. The idea of constructing the stadium with 21 terraced entrances and a parking area large enough to accommodate 16,000 cars came with Praeger while the idea of finishing the stadium with amazing colors and styles came with Fickett. It indeed is a wonderful blend of structure, space and creativity. Dodger Stadium is one of the largest baseball stadiums in the United States, which is fortunate because the Dodgers’ fan base is huge!

Since the initial designing, the stadium has been fitted with new upgrades such as installation of new scoreboards and field level improvement. Ever since the stadium was launched, it has hosted a variety of activities, among them being games, concerts and spiritual activities one of which was the mass led by Pope John Paul II. Some of the biggest concerts to be held here include The Beatles and Michael Jackson. Statistics show that the stadium has hosted millions of fans since it was founded something that makes it one of the most active stadiums in the world. It has played host to numerous memorable world-class performances and sporting events of all time.

The stadium has 2,098 club seats and 68 luxury seating areas. Since the stadium was renovated in 2012 and 2013, its actual size was reduced and it can now only host about 56,000 fans at a time. Due to its ability to accommodate a very large number of fans, the stadium has built a very good reputation over the years. It is one of the most favorite stadiums of many baseball fans, despite being much older than many other stadiums.

The known size of this stadium is 101 meters on the left field, 110 meters on the left medium center, 114 meters in the true left center, 122 meters in the center field, 110 meters in the right center medium, 101 meters in the right field and 17 meters in the Backstop. The field is also designed with 120 meter markings in the right and left side of the dead center. In addition, it has a center field distance of 122 meters.