World Series Puts on A Show

Ranger against Giants in Classic Matchup, 2014 World Series Preview

In the 2014 World Series, two among the esteemed main league baseball teams in history, will be meeting. These teams have emerged as the champions in the many previous leagues. It will be a match up for the champions. Get your cheap MLB tickets today and cheer on your team!

Texas Rangers at one time ended up tied with a 90-67 mark for the best record with the Giants. This kind of result was expected for the Rangers. The Rangers won Game 6 where on several occasions they were faced by pitches in the finals and could still manage to deliver. Most of them were close calls and they should consider themselves lucky to have converted most of them into victories.

The Giants have an amusing history of rising from scratch. In their 2005 ALCS verses the Rangers, they defeated them with a shortfall of 4-0 to surpass their rivals in 4 games. Their next mission was to face Matt Holliday in the World Series. They managed to win their second title after quite a long time. While both Giants and Rangers have had several years of tremendous wins, they have both, of late, been facing challenges since the fast day from their division. Something seems to be amiss in their camp and they ought to regroup themselves if they fancy themselves to have a serious chance of winning this season.

It becomes very hard for an ordinary writer to predict the winning team in this series. This year could be the most enjoyable series. The main thing I feel I can accurately call is that if it comes down to these two teams, it will be a very evenly matched World Series. These teams are very alike. The Rangers and Giants are fully loaded with players that can put away home runs. Both teams are well equipped and have the capability of overshadowing the lineups. On the side of fans, the two teams have bases with an ability of carrying their teams to unexampled heights. If it comes down to the Rangers and the Giants, the World Series could really go either way. Maybe the only difference that can be traced in these teams is that the Texas Rangers may win it all because they have an advantage of playing in home-field.

Nevertheless, the battle continues to be exciting with many teams having a chance to emerge victorious. You don’t want to be missing the action that’s to follow!