Orioles Bullpen

The Baltimore Orioles Need To Be Able To Call On Their Bullpen To Hold On To Leads

Nick Markakis is a proven choice when trying to find players that will help the Baltimore Orioles stay competitive with the Boston Red Sox in the AL East. Manny Machado is also out there helping the team be able to turn a larger percentage of double plays this season.  Get your Baltimore Orioles tickets to see if Machado is the kind of sure handed infielder that will truly make a difference in the long run. The Orioles have been squaring off against the Houston Astros in recent days. The Astros still have a long way to go as a team despite the improvements made by a player like Chris Carter. The Orioles are likely to be okay because of a solid veteran shortstop like J.J. Hardy. As you continue to evaluate the Baltimore Orioles, you will begin to realize that the team will remain competitive in the AL East. The Baltimore Orioles finally have a steady hand in their front office and are well prepared to compete in this league.


Can the bullpen hold up on the back end? They should be able to go with a strong arm like Tommy Hunter at the closer spot. Adam Jones is struggling with the power numbers, but the bullpen should be able to hold up despite the fact that Jones likely won’t end up with the same final power numbers that he was hoping for. Can Buck Showalter find the right combinations out the pen and does he have the right left handed specialist to get a key pinch hitting left hander out in the late innings? The Orioles seem to have found the right combinations before, with Showalter as the manager. They would want to continue this association for a long period of time.

The injury bug appears to have an impact on the rosters of the Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays. Players like Delmon Young and Ryan Flaherty should be able to feast on the inexperienced pitchers that these injuries have forced their division rivals to bring up. Young, in particular, needs to return to his past form if the Orioles want to have some of the necessary pop in their lineup to keep the New York Yankees within striking distance. Looks like they’ve got a plan. We shall see if they are able to execute it with perfection.