Nirvana Would Be Proud!

Concerts In Seattle: One Way System, The Black Keys

The Crocodile, The Showbox at The Market, The Highline; these are just some of Seattle’s favorite and most trendy live music venues please find discount concert tickets to all of these special event places. A few minutes here and one can already tell that this is definitely a city big on music and in-love with live music and performances. Everyone knows that grunge, or the Seattle sound as it’s so affectionately known, has its roots deep seated in the stages of this music made city. These are the very same stages that introduced Nirvana to the world. The city leaves, breathes and eats music 24/7.

Here is a list of bands that will be gracing Seattle concerts in the next few months.

One Way System
-One Way System will be out at El Corazon on the 13th of May. The steer punk band from Lancashire in England will be out performing new music from their 2013 album “Car Bombs In Babylon”. Also, as is always the case with most music acts that have been in the industry since the 70s, One Way System are expected to treat fans to some of their most classic works. Songs like “Beat The System” and “Cum On Feel The Noize” will be sure to get crowds going. Get ready for some serious nostalgia as One Way System will take you back to the 70s.

The Black Keys
-Recently, The Black Keys have also announced that they will be making a stop in Seattle on their tour that kicked off in Columbus on the 9th of May. Much needed stop-over, we say. The Seattle concert is scheduled for the 1st of November at Key Arena. The rock duo are currently one of the hottest acts in America and all over the world. After their quadruple Grammy Awards success in 2013, The Black Keys concert at the Key Arena is expected to sell out way before we even get to November. The Grammy stamp of approval has skyrocketed their career and this is just the beginning of the massive success that is to follow. Fans who don’t want to miss out on The Black Keys in Seattle must get their hands on these tickets as soon as possible. The repertoire on the current tour is mostly made up of music from their just released album “Turn Blue”. They are expected to bring in a lot of zeal and energy in their performances.